The WinAtLife Podcast

You just need to eat more food!!! With Kate Deering

December 10, 2019 Episode 3
The WinAtLife Podcast
You just need to eat more food!!! With Kate Deering
The WinAtLife Podcast
You just need to eat more food!!! With Kate Deering
Dec 10, 2019 Episode 3
Kate Deering
In this episode I chat with Kate Deering about food and how women actually need to eat more to heal and lose body fat
Show Notes

Do you struggle to keep your calories down to 1000-1500 calories a day?

You’re running yourself into the ground (literally). You feel beaten down. Exhausted... And you’re stressed out not knowing what or who to believe.

Most fitness gurus try to sell you on the next new restrictive diet…

But you just can’t do it anymore.

I get it. I’ve been there. You feel like you’re going around in circles. Thoughts about food control your life. It’s always about what you’re going to eat or not eat next.

Recently... I did a photo shoot. We needed to get more professional photos for our ads and marketing. No more bathroom selfies. And I had been eating about 2500-3000 calories a day (which I’m sure sounds shocking to most). I had put on muscle… and also a bit of fat.

In the past, I would’ve gotten bent out of shape and done all the cardio. I would’ve dragged myself through the day resisting temptation at every turn - only to possibly binge on all the crap food at night.

But I’ve learned so much since then. 

Instead, I simply adjusted my calories a bit (nothing extreme - I need about 2500 calories per day to maintain my body, so I simply set my calories at 2200). My body responded so quickly. I got leaner. And the photos turned out so great. I was proud.

Because the truth is… eating next-to-nothing doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t make you healthy. And it won’t get you to where you want to be.

If anything, it will wreck your metabolism even more. You’ll be digging yourself a hole that’s going to be a fight to get back out of.

In this podcast with Kate Deering - You Just Need to Eat More Food, we talk about why eating more food creates a happier and healthier you, as well as how it helps you reach your goals. Click LISTEN NOW to listen to the whole episode.But I know - when you’re used to restriction, it’s such a head f**k to eat more food. 

You NEED to change your mindset around food.

In our program, women have even seen their goitre and thyroid issues completely disappear. A woman who has Hashimoto's Disease has seen big improvements. Another woman saw her rheumatoid arthritis go into remission. All these women do the same thing: They EAT REAL FOOD and about 2000-24000 calories a day.

Food is the beginning.

What’s the life you want?


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